Tween Bedroom Ideas

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Tween bedroom ideas are important if you have pre-teen children. Designing a bedroom for pre-teen can be very hard especially because at this time, children need personal sense. Choosing design for tween bedroom is not as easy as choose the right color or the right theme.

Tween bedroom ideas

One way to play it safe is by sticking to combination of gender neutral colors such as green, blue and orange. Another tip is to the approach of putting everything: something to grow with and something for someone who is not a kid but yet to be teen.

You can also make a vintage theme though make sure that your children agree with you. After all, some kids think that vintage is a cool theme. When it comes to picking up furniture, you can also go with your kids to make sure that they like what you are getting. Another tip for you who want to decorate a tween bedroom is by putting interchangeable pieces of furniture. This is especially helpful because pre-teens tend to change interest monthly. This way, you do not have to redecorate your kids’ bedroom every month. But as you kids grow, usually there are some things that they keep because it is something they hold dear.

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