Some Chair Rail Concept You Can Choose

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Chair rail ideas will help you in decorating your home. The chair rail is not only protect your wall from little insect and mold which being disturbing, but it is also a simple way to make your home look elegant.

The Chair Rail Ideas

In this era, many people love to apply chair rail on their wall. Here some chair rail concept you can choose. But at first what you have to do is scaling the room. By scaling the room, you can imagine the concept of chair rail you will use. Then, of course you can estimate the cost.

Then, you can put the chair rail in the right corner. But if you get bored with chair rail in the corner or athwart the wall, you can put the chair rail in the frame of door, and make it looks like a gate. You can also put the chair rail over the fireplace, so it will automatically decorate the fireplace.

Don’t forget the color. Chair rail is not always white. You can paint it brown or even black; mix it with your room paint. Or if you want to make it look elegant, you can paint it so it will look like wood in honey color.

Gallery of Some Chair Rail Concept You Can Choose

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