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Hello there Earthling! Thank you for contacting me through this page and guess what, I am thrilled to talk to you personally thru email. I will try my hardest to answer your email as soon as possible!

If you have something to say about my latest or previous entry or about the existence of the blog, feel free to send me an email at I am open for suggestions and constructive criticisms. It is very rare for me to read every blog comments I receive so it would be better if you will reach me directly.

I will be the happiest if you will contact me for business purposes because the money I earn with this blog will go directly to my bucket list fund when I reached 25. And also, it allows me to shop online since I love buying awesome clothes and accessories through the internet. Shoot me an email about your product/ services/ proposal at

PS. I don't usually accept giveaways and I avoid free hoarders unless it is for the benefit of my reader and daily visitors.

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