Ideas for Unisex Nursery

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Unisex nursery ideas for you who are expecting especially if you do not want to know what the gender of you baby is and instead want to make is a surprise for yourself and your spouse. There are some ideas you can try if that is the case.

Unisex nursery ideas

When it comes to nursery, usually certain colors are said to be for certain gender, blue and pink for example. They are for a boy and girl respectively. But that does not mean there is no color that is neutral. Take white for example. You can make a nursery washed in white so no matter what gender your baby turns out to be, it will suit them. Not to mention a white nursery is a classic.

Another idea you can try is cow and moon nursery which is dominated with the soft color of blue with hints of yellow of the moons and stars here and there. Complete it with cow dolls. You can also go with balloon nursery with pictures of balloon, animals and rainbows on the soft cushions of your baby. You can also have the same theme for sleeping bag and bumper. If you are feeling bold, you can go with the colorful theme of rainbow nursery.

Gallery of Ideas for Unisex Nursery

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