How to Make Ripplefold Drapery

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Ripplefold drapery looks so difficult if we look it at a glance, so we decide to ask someone professional to do it for us. However, actually the way to make it is not that hard. It doesn’t need to use big machine to fold the drapery. Amateur can make it, just like us, so do you want to try it?

Making Ripplefold Drapery

When we want to create a folded drapery, the first thing that we have to do is determining how wide the folded will be. For better result, try not to make too wide folded because it will reduce the aesthetic sense of the drapery itself, but not too narrow as well because you will be tired of folding it. Then, decide what kind of closing system that you want to have, one way or two way. The overlapping mechanism will affect the choice.

If you have determined the closing system, now you can try to assemble the center part of the curtain. Use this calculation to count the panel of the coverage. One way panel coverage will be different with two way. The two-way-closing system will be half width narrower than one-way. Then cut the panel and put the tape on the heading. Put the snap in to the carrier to attach the panel.

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