Duct Tape Craft Ideas

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There are many kinds of duct tape craft ideas that you can try to improve your creativity making bracelets, wallets, flowers, necklaces, dress, or many more. Now, I will give you two kinds of duct tape craft that you can do at home.

Duct Tape Craft Ideas

  • Bracelet

Now, I will give you some tips how to make a rolled duct tape bead of bracelet. Now, the materials that you need to collect are ruler, bamboo sweeker, colored duct tape, scissors, elastic cord, glue, and also bead. You need to choose the colorful duct tape so it can be combined to other colors. Firstly, you need to make a design what kinds of form that you will make. Measure the size and cut it. Combine slice by slice and try to roll the combining slice together with colorful design. Now, you can make many small design of this part of bracelet. After you have finished your work, you can joint it into one thread, in case you have to be concern with the size of your wrist. So, it is suitable for you to wear.

            That is one creative design that I give to you. Why don’t you complete your accessories collections with this bracelet that is made from duct tape craft now?

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