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#UNLIPIZZA in Yellow Cab in February 8 2018! Don't Ever Miss This!

Pizza is the sort of food that you can now find just about anywhere in the world, even though in its present form it started in Naples, Italy many years ago. At its most basic it is simple a round crust covered with tomato sauce and cheese--or sometimes, just a crust covered with tomato sauce--pizza has become many different things to many different people all across the earth.
Unlimited Pizza Yellow Cab Philippines
Whenever I crave for pizza, there is no other place that I go to aside from Yellow Cab. I love them since I first tasted it many years ago.

So today, I got good news for all Yellow Cab pizza lovers! On February 8, 2018, you can enjoy their UNLIPIZZA offer for everyone. Who would not like unlimited pizza?
This is how they celebrate World Pizza Day. UNLIPIZZA will be from 12:00 midnight to 11:59 PM the other day so if you are a busy person, you still have all the time to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity! We are talking about eating your favorite New York's finest and 4 Cheese pizza with FREE Mountain Dew all that for only 299 pesos! AMAZINGNESS!

Aside from that, you can also enjoy their BUY 2 TAKE 2 promos that will run from February 4 to 10 (different flavors each day) and is valid for dine in, take out and delivery transactions. 

Take note that this is going to be valid for all of Yellow Cab branches except for the ones in Kidzania Manila, NAIA, MOA Arena, Brent and Camaya.

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