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Free and Unlimited Internet Settings for Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular Users in 2018

It is already 2018 and have not really updated my posts about getting free and unlimited internet access for mobile phones. The problem is, I find it hard to discover some new ways on how to do it. In the past, I am able to get free internet by using softwares like VPN and Hotspot but telcos can easily detect it now.
I guess there are only few people trying to do free internet tricks because mobile data is now affordable. Personally, as a globe user, I always use their GOTSCOMBODD70. For only 70 pesos, I can get 1 GB of data use for 7 days. It is more than enough for me because I have wifi at home and I don't usually use my data even outside because of work. I only need it for emergency use like booking a ride on my way home or texting my relatives during break time.

The question now is, is there a way for us to get free and unlimited internet access in 2018? 
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