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Male Rhinoplasty: The Dangers of Nose Jobs in the Philippines

Rhinoplasty, or as it is officially known on the streets, a nose job, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures ever made. Today, the demand for rhinoplasty is increasing, especially with the resurgence of people who have the money and the desire to fix their noses. In fact, it is so much in demand, that even men are getting into the act. Male rhinoplasty surgery, in addition to traditional rhinoplasty, are very much in demand, however, while the procedure can yield some good benefits, it also carries within it certain dangers and risks that need to be considered before deciding to get the operation.

Male Rhinoplasty: The Dangers of Nose Jobs in the Philippines

The risks and dangers vary, ranging from mild and moderate, to truly harmful and critical. Minor side effects are usually treated with medication, while major dangers require much more drastic measures, some even needing a revision nose job or two to fix.

One of the biggest risks is infection. Infection can happen anytime, but patients are most susceptible to it during the first few days at the start of the recovery period. There is medication prescribed to prevent this from happening, but sometimes circumstances happen that truly cause infection to occur. If the medication does not curb infection, the patient should go back immediately to the doctor.

Nerve damage can also occur, and is often the result of a mishandled operation, wherein the surgeon accidentally hits nerves that either cause the nose to be numb, lose sensation, or feel severe pain. When nerve damage happens, revision is usually needed, or some other procedure to bring sensation back to the nose.

Minor side-effects include swelling, bleeding, and minor pain, but all of these are usually treated by proper medication. Psychological side-effects such as anxiety, sadness, and even depression can also occur, especially when the treatment is taking longer than expected, or if the final result is not what the patient wanted. To minimize or avoid this, it is important for potential patients to do the proper research beforehand, to make them familiar with what they are about to get into.

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