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Lazada Philippines Website is Under Maintenance for Days Now!

August 11, 2017 when I tried accessing Lazada's website since I am planning to purchase some aquarium accessories unfortunately, I am unable to because it says "WEBSITE UNDER MAINTENANCE". 

The website is temporarily down due to ongoing maintenance work. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Do please check back with us again soon.

Today, August 11, 2017 I tried accessing the website and also the mobile app but still receiving the same error. I am not sure what is happening here but they are losing a lot of money right now! I also checked their facebook page and people are complaining about this already.

I am also a Lazada Affiliate so I sell their products and the last time I was able to update my affiliate links was way back Monday! No update means no sale for this week. :(

I hope everything is fine because I am earning a good amount of money with Lazada through affiliate marketing so if this will continue in the next days, I will earn less for the month of August! 

Right now, there are rumors that Lazada website is being hacked or what but I am sure they are doing something about this issue. I hope they can fix everything by the weekend so I can start promoting products again. Gosh I need more money!
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