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GrabCar August 2017 PAYDAY PROMO! Get 400 Pesos Worth of Rides!

If you will ask me, I prefer Grab Car rather than Uber because Grab rate is way cheaper than Uber. I am not sure because I used to always use Uber in the past because their rate is very reasonable but nowadays, the amount difference of Grab and Uber is just too much. The only reason I use Uber now is when I don't have enough cash in my wallet since my visa card is connected to it.

grabcar payday promo on august 2017

Anyways, this is just a quick update with regards to an ongoing Payday Promo of GrabCar that they just launched today. This is only applicable for the FIRST 10,000 USERS who will load or top-up 500 pesos GrabPay Credits. 

The catch is when you do a 500 peso top-up, you will get 40 pesos off for your next 10 grab rides! Not much but this is a good deal since I always book Grab everyday and my fare is always 100 pesos (I always compare my rate to Uber and there is always a 20 to 30 peso difference).

I am not going to teach you how to top-up or load GrabPay credits since it is pretty confusing. I tried to pay it with my BPI Express Online account but in the end, it still asked me to go to an actual BPI branch to submit a form. Luckily I was able to use my VISA to top-up 500 today.

Once you are done loading 500 pesos, all you have to do is to wait for your exclusive promo code via SMS or App Notification by 10PM on August 1 so do not panic if you don't receive it right after you load up.

The promo code will then be available from August 2 to 8. This 40 pesos off is available for both GrabCar or Grabshare rides.

The photo that I used in this post is not mine. Special mention to VulcanPost for the amazing photo! Shoot me an email if I violated something against your website privacy. 
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