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Advantages of Buying Real & Active Twitter Followers Especially for Online Influencers

Twitter is one of the best media for social influencers and online marketers at the same time.In the past, people use Twitter just for fun. It was first used by Hollywood stars like Katy Perry for example who just tweet random stuff until it became a trend where people from all over the world get the trending news and stay updated. Personally, I prefer using Twitter in getting the latest scoops for my next blog post.

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In Twitter nowadays, it is not about updating your circle of friends where you are going or what you are having for lunch. Most people use it to promote their business. For Bloggers and other types of Online Influencers, this the best way to make extra money as well but of course, PR companies will only get the best of the best! The only way to find that out is by means of one's number of twitter followers.

A blogger with 500 followers will not get a lot of opportunity compared to a popular blogger with over 10,000 followers. It is all about the numbers!
I have been blogging since 2009 and I discovered Twitter at that time but I did not really pay attention to it because of Facebook. It was 2015 when I used Twitter to attract thousands of blog readers and some earning opportunities as well. Imagine tweeting some random stuff and being paid for that! Fancy right?

That is why early this year when I tried buying real and active Twitter followers to Boost Arrow since they offer the cheapest rate in the market!

I first bought 1,000 followers for only $12 and they gave me some additional followers after I ordered some more in a few weeks. The good thing about this is that they give me quality followers (without eggs profile photo) and the engagement rate was also impressive! When I tweet something, it usually gets 300+ retweets and 300+ shares at the same time. As of today, I already have over 35,000 twitter followers and attracting more blogging opportunities as well.

I am planning to buy some more until I reach 50k. If you have some questions, feel free to leave me a message! The photo that I used here is not mine. Shout out to SEO Clerk for this amazing photo!
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