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Roger Mobile Legends Penta Kill Build

Roger is the latest hero in Mobile Legends. He was released couple of weeks ago in the advanced server but on this week in the main one. Personally, I won't buy him because I only use Mage heroes in the game except for Freya that I totally love especially in ranked games.

roger mobile legends hero human form

So today, I will be showing you some build items for Roger that will give you the highest possibility of getting a penta kill. Again, I have tried using Roger only once but I find him very difficult since he is not only using 3 skills but with additional 3 when he transforms to a werewolf which I think best for jungling and getting amazing build items.

Before we proceed with Roger's high damage item build, let us read his background story first. 
Roger lives outside the dark forest to the east of the Megalith Wasteland. He is a hunter rich in experience who hunts for his livelihood. Many dangerous animals live in the dark forest, and the most fearsome among them aren’t rare magical creatures but the old wolf king “White Tooth” who leads a pack of wolves one hundred strong. They are cooperative pack hunters, and White Tooth also received the influence of an evil power that awakened magical abilities within him. To fulfill their hunting needs, the wolf pack gradually starting prowling outside the boundaries of the dark forest, often attacking travelers on the road. In the spirit of justice, Roger planned to get rid of this public harm and tracked White Tooth’s steps. Roger caught up with and blindsided White Tooth just as he was devouring a little girl, and Roger cut open the wolf’s belly. Roger had defeated White Tooth, but the evil power lurking within White Tooth contaminated the hunter. “Even the purest of heart, a man who never forgets to say his prayers at night, will be unable to avoid turning into a werewolf under the full moon.” Under the moon’s call, Roger was shocked to find out the old legends were true. He had become a werewolf. To avoid losing his senses while transformed and harming his family, Roger had no choice but to flee far away from his home.
As you can see, Roger has pretty interesting background and whenever a hero comes out, except for their passives, I have this curiosity of always checking their background story.

Speaking of heroes' passive skills, these are Rogers amazing skills as well.

Passive: Full Moon Curse: In human form, basic attacks lower enemy movement speed. In wolf form, basic attacks add damage equal to a percentage of HP already lost by the enemy.

–Human Form–
Skill 1 – Full Bore: Rapidly fires two shots forward, the first being a hunting net which slows down the target and the second a bullet that deals high damage.

Skill 2 – Hunter’s Steps: Raises his movement speed. Extends the duration of basic attacks made in human form.

Ultimate – Wolf Transformation: Lunges forward and turns into a werewolf, dealing physical damage and lowering enemy movement speed. Wolf form increases Roger’s physical and magic defense, as well as his movement speed.

–Wolf Form–
Skill 1 – Lycan Pounce: Leaps toward the target, dealing damage to up to 3 enemies and becoming unselectable. Kills or assists will lower this skill’s cooldown time.

Skill 2 – Bloodthirsty Howl: Let’s out a howl that increases his attack speed. While it lasts, his movement speed will increase if there is an enemy with low HP in his field of vision. Basic attacks made in wolf form will last longer.

Ultimate – Restore Human Form: Rolls in a specified direction and turns into a human, also receiving a damage-absorbing shield.

Too much to absorb right? I was very confused when I first used him and thankfully, no one bashed me. You know filipino users they can be very harsh even in the games especially in ranked game.


This build is regarding the facebook video that I have watched earlier (unfortunately I can't see it anymore)

Haas's Claws
Swift Boots
Blade of the 7 Seas
Blade of Despair
Berserker's Fury

Roger's penta kill video that I have watched was pretty cool but it won't be possible without his teammates help. I did not notice if there was a kill steal but his damage was very high and he achieved a penta kill in his werewolf form since he is a lot faster and stronger compared to his human form that has skills I can compare to Clint, another marksman in MOBA.

That is it for today guys, if you have better suggestions, please leave me a comment down below! If you have videos you might want to be featured here, you can send me an email so I can update this post really quick.
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