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Sharing You These Grabcar Promo Codes for the Month of March 2017

I always book my ride on my Grabcar mobile app because I find it very convenient and safe at the same time especially now that I am hearing a lot of terrible news involving taxi drivers especially here in Metro Manila so I decided to create a blog post that will share all Grabcar promo codes for the month of March 2017. I know it is still too early but February is almost over. This is also applicable to GrabTaxi and Grab Premium users.

Sharing You These Grabcar Promo Codes for the Month of March 2017

It is still early for some Grabcar Promo Codes for March 2017 but in the meantime, I will just share some codes for February that you can still use on your next grab rides. Don't worry because this post will be updated once we have the new batch of promo codes! 

February 10, 2017: You can use Grabcar promo code: GooGooDolls and get 50 pesos off of your grabcar total bill.
It was February 8, 2017 when I received a text from GRAB saying about GrabShare which is their newest grab sharing service. It is like carpooling but you will only have to share a ride with a maximum of two persons within the same area as you are. Good thing about this is you can enjoy 30% discount on your bill without even using grabcar promo codes! Exciting huh.

Do not forget to bookmark this page because I will be updating this once I got fresh promo codes for all of you! Cheers everyone!

Image Source: Today Online
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