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People Are Going Crazy Over Vice Ganda and Ronnie Alonte Video, Is It Really A Scandal?

I just checked twitter now but it is not yet trending however, I have been seeing a lot of my facebook friends asking for the link where they can watch the alleged video of Vice Ganda and Ronnie Alonte. It is not yet confirmed but I saw a lot of these scandalous videos that trend online especially on twitter where mostly a hoax.
As you all know, Ronnie Alonte is part of the group Hashtags that became popular in the noon time show, Showtime where Vice Ganda is one of the regular hosts. Last 2016, there were also rumors about the alleged scandal of Vice Ganda and Ronnie Alonte but it was not confirmed since there were no videos or even photo leaked and I am also positive that this is also not real.

I am still trying to find the video link but I am not planning to post it here as it violates a cyber law. Also, I will update you if this is real or another hoax news spreading like a wildfire in the social media.
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