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Watching The Legend of the Blue Sea Korean Drama Starring Lee Min Ho & Gianna Jun

I am not really a huge fan of Korean drama but there are few that I watched until the end. Mostly, they are all about tragic love story that I think pretty normal for Korean story. The Legend of the Blue Sea is a story of a playful mermaid who fell in love with a dangerous guy living a risky lifestyle on land.
the legend of the blue sea korean drama wallpaper

So far, there are 2 available episodes online and I am already connected with the story of the main casts. It is funny and interesting at the same time. There are no dull moment and each scene will make you crave for more of it. You will keep y on asking yourself what is going to happen in the next 5 minutes of the story and that is what I like about it.

The Legend of the Blue Sea also introduced us to two different time and two different love stories, bonded by fate. The first five minutes of episode 1 and episode 2 gave us a glimpse of the story of the mermaid who was saved by Dam Lim also played by Lee Min Ho.

In a nutshell, Episode 1 just introduced us to two different time showing how a mermaid was saved by a noble man and that created a bond between a mortal man and a mermaid. And that bond will never be separated ever again. Shim Chung and Heo Joon-Jae also met in the modern world and all the weird things happened. Joon-Jae trying to know the identity of Shim Chung and Shim Chung, the mermaid falling in love with Joon-Jae. Everything is all mixed up and the fact that Joon-Jae is also being chased by a mob that he scammed big time!

Episode 2 also revolves around the misadventures of Shim Chung and Joon-Jae. I forgot to mention that in episode 1, Joon-Jae stole the jade bracelet of Shim Chung that lets her transform to a human while she is on land but in episode 2, Joon-Jae actually felt guilty and gave it back to her while she was sleeping despite the fact that the bracelet worth a lifetime. Talking about love already.

Joon-Jae is still being chased by a lot of men-- dead or alive. Luckily, Shim Chung was with him and big thanks to her super kick and punch Joon-Jae is still alive.

Episode 2 ended when JJ and SC were cornered by the armed goons then SC pushed JJ on the cliff for them to get away with them. They fell in the ocean and JJ saw SC swimming towards him. Memories of how he met SC flashed back and SC kissed JJ.

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