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Tips On How To Get More Channels in ABS-CBN TV Plus Black Box

I have been receiving a lot of questions with regards to my post about ABS-CBN TV Plus Magic Black Box. I am not sure if you already read my post about it but overall, just like 99% of the consumers, I was disappointed. Well, at first, I was very happy because I was able to watch not just KAPAMILYA'S channels but also other's like TV 5, GMA 7 and GMA News TV but after their first mandatory update, everything was lost. 
Aside from ABS-CBN, there are other channels but mostly are not really entertaining like 24/7 bible verses or people singing praises or talking about religion. Those are nonsense. I am sorry but I don't need those. I did not pay for those. If I want to have a word from god, I have bible at home.
A lot of people also ask me if there are ways to get more channels like MYX TV and even CARTOON NETWORK unfortunately, those are exclusive for cable. If you will ask me about some tips, I apologize because I don't have an answer to that. A year ago, I dumped my black box and paid for a cable connection with internet access. 


However, you can still try these simple steps maybe it will help you get additional TV channels.


If your room is tiny just like mine, make sure you put the antenna outside your window or on to a higher spot because I tried it before and it made a small difference.


I also lived in a crowded place somewhere in Taguig City and I think the network is clogged over there that is the reason my phone signal is too weak. If phone signal is affected because of too many users in the same area that you are in, it could also affect the digital signal you receives from your black box.


I have read an article before where they were able to unlock their TV Plus by using a computer system and that allows them to get more TV channels. I heard that ABS-CBN removed other channels because of the rivalry so unlocking the device itself is really the way solution for this. I will try to get the contact information of that person so I could share it with you guys.

If you know some tips and tricks, do not hesitate to share it with us. Credits will be given appropriately.

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