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Spirit Monster aka Pokeland Game on my Android Phone with Tips and Tricks!

Ever since I bought my new phone ASUS Zenphone 3 5.5, I started downloading games that I never tried before since my old phone cannot handle its memory capacity. But with my Zenfone 3's powerhouse specs, I can now download a lot of games that require huge amount of RAM. Then I stumbled upon this very addicting game called Spirit Monster. For iPhone users, it is called Pokeland.
spirit monsters (pokeland legend) android game

I think this game is way better than Pokemon Go since it does not require walking and going out of your home.


A friend of mine told me that Spirit Monster is an unofficial game and not licensed so there is a big chance that it will crash down at any time because it is using some Pokemon characters that are not approved by The Pokemon Company. I have been playing this game for a while now but so far, I have not experienced any downtime with its servers. Everything is going smoothly.

In this game, your main goal is to stop the Team Rocket in stealing and experimenting Pokemon in destroying the world. You have to catch and train a team of strong monsters to surpass every tasks given by random people within the game.

You can easily level up by fighting other players and defeating all monsters in a different battle field so it is advisable to train pokemons with unique elemental powers. 

What I like about this game is its AUTO feature where you don't have to click your phone screen all the time especially when you are fighting because you just have to activate AUTO feature and then voila, just watch your monsters fight and win.


You really don't need a game walkthrough here because you have the option to activate its AUTO functionality where you can just watch your character go and talk to the correct person unlike the old versions of Pokemon game. But in order to level up fast, you have to remember these few things.

On the right part of your mobile screen, there are few tasks that you need to accomplish. Simply click on the specific task and it will automatically direct you on what to do. Mostly, it will just ask you to fight with other monsters. In this case, your monster can have a lot of EXP to level up and at the same time, you can also get great amount of game coins, diamonds and other item surprises.

You can see this on the upper right corner of your screen where you can fight with other players, collect crystals and also, fight the WORLD BOSS that can give you tons of EXP's and money. In the Philippines, WORLD BOSS opens at exactly 8:00 PM so better participate. Just activate the AUTO function and watch your monsters become stronger each day.

You can increase your monster's friendship level by giving them items that they like. The higher the friendship level is, the stronger power your monster will get and when it reaches level 20, your pet will also learn new skills that can definitely make them unbeatable.

You can raid items on the level that you finished already. This is very helpful when it comes to increasing your monster's friendship level because some items that they like are very rare so you really have to do extra stuff to get what they want.

There you go, I hope you learned something new about Spirit Monster aka Pokeland Legend. If you have some tips or tricks, feel free to drop your comment down below.
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