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Just Watched: The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 3 Guide

Hello again. So I decided to publish another episode guide of my new favorite Korean  drama series entitled, The Legend of the Blue Sea starring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. It is a story of a never-ending relationship bond of a mermaid who fell in love with a human from a different world. If you love mermaid films and shows with a korean twist and turns, then this show is for you!

the legend of the blue sea korean drama wallpaper

The reason why I decided to followup my first ever post about this show is because the number of positive feedback that I received from the facebook page I created dedicated for the show. If you want some updates, please like The Legend of the Blue Sea Facebook page.

There is no available videos for Episode 3 yet so I don't have an idea what is going to happen in the story but if you will remember, Episode 2 ended with a kiss. Shim Chung pushed Heo Joon-Jae on the cliff to get away from those armed goons who will kill Joon-Jae. As usual, Shim Chung to the rescue for her beloved human.

I am not sure if JJ will remember what he saw before SC kissed him but I am thinking that he won't remember a thing.
There was also a glimpse for Episode 3 and it looks like JJ and SC went to Seoul, Korea. There was also this lady who works with artifacts who discovered this antique vase or jar that has a mermaid kissing a human print (Maybe Shim Chung from a different time with the noble guy who saved her named, Dam-Lim). Not entirely sure how she is connected to the story.

PS. I also read something online that Shim Chung goes to Seoul, Korean however Joon-Jae loses his memory. This is going to be sad if this is true. Hope not.

This post will be updated once the latest episode will be available online. Thanks for reading!
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