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Addicting Game Piewdiepie's Tuber Simulator Tips and Tricks to Become Instafamous!

Months ago, my cousin introduced me to this Youtuber called Piewdiepie where he makes random youtube videos. Sometimes, he does random stuff his subscribers ask him to do. This October, with the help of Outerminds, they came up with a mobile game app called Piewdiepie Tuber Simulator where you, as a player will make your way on becoming the next Youtube sensation just like Piewdiepie!
In this game, you will start as a nobody youtuber living in a small room with nothing in it. But as you publish more viral videos and attract viewers and subscribers, you can start purchasing funky items like room decorations, plants, pets (cats, pugs, dinosaurs and even weird looking things!).

What I like about this game is that I can almost relate as a blogger where you will start from scratch but as you write interesting posts and attract readers, you will also be able to earn money from it and buy things for yourself online, sometimes, it pays the bills!

I don't have any walkthrough for Piewdiepie Tuber Simulator but I can give your these tips and tricks on how to get more views and subscribers and buy lots of amazing items in the game.

This game is really addicting and on your first hour playing the game, putting your phone down will be the last thing you want to do or else, you cannot earn views. Also, don't forget to get the gift from the eagle sponsor that keeps on flying on the screen.

Choose the proper skill to upgrade. I immediately upgraded the first option which is the Views Boost where creating the video can take a while but the number of views will be double its usual rate and after that, you can start upgrading the next option after that that will allow you to create and publish 2 videos at the same time!

When you reach a certain level, there will be multiple items that will be unlocked in the game and as you progresses, items you will unlock will be super expensive but that is totally fine because as you level up, the number of your views or money will multiply so earning views is just a piece of cake. Invest on the expensive stuff as they give your more XP that will entitle you to gain another level up.

I love visiting different types of rooms as I also get some inspiration for my rooms in the game and it is my routine to send gifts to my friends because I enjoy receiving gifts from them as well. It reminds me of my Farmville days where I frequently ask for gifts from my friends in a daily basis. You can add me up: SHIHTZULOVERS143

If you have some tips, tricks and walkthrough for the game, do not hesitate to share it on the comment section! {image source: forbes}
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