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Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Catch Rare Pokemons in the Philippines?

This post if for those pokemon go players who are still looking for some of the rare pokemons. Applicable to me as well. I have been to different places now but still unavailable to see pokemons that I am aiming to catch. I also notice some pokemon gyms around my place that have rare pokemon; mostly stronger pokemon so I am wondering where on earth did they see it here in the Philippines?

TIP: If you are looking for tons of Pokestops, you can visit Serendra where you can see A LOT of pokemon go players catching pokemon around the area. I was shocked seeing them play and it was kind of creepy as well. I tried using incense and got overwhelmed with all the pokemons appeared right in front of me! Mostly, Ratatat, Pidgeotto and Weedle that I evolved to get XP for me to level up. Still useful afterall!

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Thanks to Manila Shaker for the list!

Zapdos – Meralco main office
Moltres – Mayon Volcano
Articuno – Baguio
Ekans – Talahib
Arbok – Talahib
Machop – Fitness First
Machoke – Fitness First
Machamp – Gold’s Gym
Goldeen – Manila Ocean Park
Seaking – Manila Ocean Park
Staryu – Puerto Galera
Starmie – Boracay
Krabby – EDSA Shangrila
Kingler – Makati Shangrila
Pikachu – Megamall
Voltorb – MOA
Electrode – MOA
Drowzee – Manila Zoo
Hypno – Quiapo Church
Mr. Mime – Peryahan
Meowth – Cartimar
Persian – Cartimar
Tauros – FEU Morayta
Bulbasaur – Farmers Market Cubao
Oddish – Farmers Market Cubao
Bellsprout – Farmers Market Cubao
Tangela – Balintawak Market
Lapras – Subic
Porygon – Cyberzone SM
Snorlax – Mang Inasal
Jynx – Enchanted Kingdom
Pidgey – Novaliches area
Pidgeotto – Novaliches area
Spearow – Manila area
Farfetch’D – Las Piñas area
Gastly – Manila North Cemetery
Haunter – Manila North Cemetery
Gengar – Libingan ng mga Bayani
Omanyte – Manila Museum
Kabuto – Manila Museum
Nidorino – Any all boys school
Nidorina – Any all girls school
Tentacool – West Philippine Sea
Tentacruel – West Philippine Sea
Magikarp – Pasig River
Zubat – Puerto Princesa Palawan

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The list above is not the official list on where you can catch rare and strongest pokemons in pokemon go but you can help us track all of them by dropping your comments below the post. 

Personally, I would love to catch Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno and Snorlax. For those looking for Meowth, I found one in BGC Highstreet in front of Happy Lemon. Happy walking guys!
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