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How to get unlimited coins in Pokemon Go?

So it is official. Pokemon Go just went available to some other countries and that includes here in the Philippines. Right after I saw the twitter status of Nintendo saying that Pokemon Go has added additional countries, I immediately downloaded the app on Playstore and luckily, everything went fine without using any dummy account from a different country.

I already caught bunch of pokemons like Zubat,Ghastly and more inside the house using the lure feature where you can easily attract pokemons even without walking that much. Unfortunately, I was able to use all my lure and planning to buy some more at the shop. I think that costs 80 pesos. Quite affordable.

I was wondering if there is a way to get unlimited coins here but I think it is impossible because it is not like a game in Nintendo where you can type in some codes to get items from the pokeshop or poke stop for free. 

I think for now, the only way to buy some items is to do it the legal way. I will update this post once I get some updates.
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