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Get Unlimited Incense for Lure in Pokemon Go

In the Philippines, Pokemon Go is the newest game that makes people go out in the real world and catch pokemon in the virtual world. I myself is so into and willing to walk for how many kilometers just to catch or just see a rare pokemon. With the help of my ever reliable pokemon incense, I am able to catch pokemons easily while walking and sometimes, while I am working in my room. So I am thinking if there is a way to get an unlimited incense so I can lure in more pokemons compared to the usual number of pokemons you encounter?


I tried purchasing Incense in pokeshop and that is cost me around 47 pesos. Not bad at all but this item is very essential and you will need it every time you use the app. A single incense will only work for 30 minutes so you have to buy more of that if you are using the app for more than an hour. Quiet expensive if you will compute it.

This trick is very easy. If you already have a free incense on your available items, you can simply activate it using the usual procedure. Click the item and throw it to your character. After you activated it, all you gotta do is to go to your mobile phone's settings and disable the automatic time setting on your phone and move the time backwards. In this way, you can get longer hours of incense effect giving you higher chance of catching more pokemons for more than 30 minutes! This trick will only work for 60 minutes so never ever go back more than that 60 minute interval.

There you go, you have an advantage to catch pokemon and get doubled XP for you to level up. I hope this works for you as well. Happy catching, guys!
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