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How To Unblock and Still Play PokemonGo in the Philippines?

I know this is kind of late but I just had the time to blog something about PokemonGo being blocked in most countries and that includes here in the Philippines. In my previous post, I was exhilarated after I downloaded the app on my samsung phone. It was the apk that I got  on the website that my friend gave me the day that it was released. I thought everyhing will work fine because I was able to catch my very first pokemon already, a wild squirtle!

pokemongo philippines
How To Unblock and Still Play PokemonGo in the Philippines?
And so, it is official. We are not gonna be able to play PokemonGo for now because even if you have the app installed to your phone, whether it is iOS or android, it's overall function will never work for now. You can walk all you want but you will never see or catch a single pokemon.

I was thinking if there is a way on how to unblock PokemonGo and still be able to play it in our country. I have read a post somewhere that you can create another account in Playstore or Apple Store using a different country like for example in the US or New Zealand where PokemonGo is available but of course, you have to have a home address there including the ZIP code. I am not sure if it works though but so far, I don't see anyone from the Philippines who caught a single pokemon other that the first one that they initially got. So I doubt that this work. (image source)

Anyway, let us just wait for it to be available here maybe a month or two from now. :) Any input about this, guys?
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