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I am from the Philippines and Just Downloaded Pokemon Go, How To Make It Work?

I was so excited after I downloaded my very own Pokemon Go using my Samsung A5, an android phone. I know this is not yet available for most of android and apple devices and it needs a special trick just to get it from your phone. It is risky though and you have to try it at your own risk! I tried searching for it on my Google Playstore but it is not yet available. Thanks to apkmirror website where I downloaded it for free. So generous of them! :)

I was able to install it and create my character, then caught my very first pokemon after walking around the house. I got Squirtle!
pokemon go philippines
I wanted to get Charmander but I guess Squirtle would be okay.
I tried walking around the house some more but I could not find any pokemon anymore. Will just try walking around BGC tomorrow after work and let's see if I can see some pokemon trainers or wild pokemons that I can catch just like in the game.

asked my friend on facebook messenger if there is an update with his pokemon go app but he was also not able to see anything in his map. I was just worried because he tried it on his way home so there could be a problem.

I am not expecting a lot though because I think the map here in the Philippines is not yet activated unlike in New Zealand, Japan and in the United States. I also heard that the game will not be released in many countries and that includes Philippines. Not sure how true this rumor is.

Although I have the games installed in my Android phone, I am still not sure how does it work. I don't even know how to catch other pokemons or fight nearby pokemon trainers in my area or buy stuff like potion, pokeballs, antidotes and more.

My roomate also tried to download it on his ASUS phone but it is not working properly because his phone has an Intel Processor and I guess pokemon go is not compatible with it.
pokemon go philippines
Screenshot directly from my phone. Feeling giddy when I see it. :)
pokemon go philippines
Suddenly, it is not working anymore.Server is experiencing issues. Uh-oh...
When I opened my app again, it seems that their server is experiencing issues. OMG. :(

I will try it tomorrow around BGC and let us see if it works! I will update you guys. :) If you have tried this game already, please share your experiences. Thank you! 
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