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President Rodrigo Duterte's Inauguration Speech Summary and Reaction

Today will be the inauguration of our 16th President, Davao Mayor turned President, Rodrigo Duterte so I will share some information about it because I know, in the next few days, thousands of students from all over the Philippines will look for this for their school assignment and reaction paper. Been there, done that.

LIVE: If you are reading this post before the inauguration, there is a chance that you can watch it live here.

We all know that during his campaign, Rodrigo Duterte promised a lot of things like he gave himself 6 months to make sure that the crime rate in the Philippines will reduce. Well, something is happening now so there is a big chance that this will come true in a few months.

Duterte's inauguration will not be that lavish as he said during the interviews because he does not want to create inconvenience to the public. Only more than 600 guests are invited to the Palace's Rizal Hall to witness this huge and definitely a historic event.

This is a flowchart of what to expect when Duterte takes over the power from Aquino today, June 30, 2016. Quite exciting! Image via GMA NEWS ONLINE
I will be updating this blog entry once the inauguration is done. This is for everyone who will look for the event's summary and some of my personal reaction as well. 

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