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Working Tricks On How To View Photos on Free Facebook for Globe and Smart Users

On one of the Facebook pages that I am managing about prepaid users for Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular, I have been receiving tons of personal messages and post comments people asking how to view photos if they are on the free version of Facebook. Technically, you cannot see one because the system is prohibiting you on seeing one. That is the catch is you are going to settle on their free version. Remember, you are using it for free.

But of course there are some ways that you can try in order to bypass the system. Confusing telco's system is one of those effective ways to do it. One of the basic trick is to register to their system via SMS for multiple times creating a system bug. It only works for selected sim cards only so the percentage of succeeding is very low.

You can also change your network's APN settings so the internet access you are getting will be different than your current one. This is very easy and works all the time but it can be copied by hundreds of users so the network might be congested again in just a matter of a day or two. Changing APN is necessary in order to use free and fast internet connection not only for Facebooking.

I will be writing a step by step tutorial on how to this soon so watch out for it, okay? In the mean time, you can always google some tips on how to bypass the network that you are using now. Trust me, there are hundreds of them available today. 
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