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How to use laptop as a Television (TV) for cable wires?

I am not sure what happened to my TV today. I think it has decided not to work all of a sudden! So I was watching earlier while having my breakfast then all of a sudden, the screen turned all black. I thought I accidentally put the TV on sleep mode as I always do but this time, it won't turn on anymore. I did everything that I could but nothing is happening. :(

Tomorrow is the deadline for me to pay my Cignal Cable and I am thinking if I will still pay for it. I mean budget is tight for a brand new TV. I have PLDT internet but still, my day will never be complete without watching my favorite movies and TV shows on my TV screen.
So I was wondering if I could use my Laptop as a TV? I mean are there cables that I can use so I can use my laptop with Cignal cable wires so I can use it as a laptop and TV at the same time? I know it sounds funny but I am curious about it.

I have read somewhere that a TV Turner can actually be used for me to turn my laptop into a television but not really aware on how to use it. If I could watch a video tutorial about it somewhere. If you know how to do it, please send me a message.
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