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Training Courses in Sunlife Philippines to Become a Licensed Financial Advisor

I myself wants to become a Financial Advisor because I have friends who do that for a living and I can say that they can balance their work and personal life in a daily basis. I also love the fact that they hold their own time. I mean they just report to their office but most of the time, they are outside doing some field work or meeting their respective clients.

becoming a licensed financial advisor

One day, I started asking myself, how to become a Financial Advisor? The nature of my job right now has something to do with insurance but we cater for Canadian residents. It is more on the backbone of the system I believe and I think. it is something that does not qualify in becoming a legit Advisor.

I searched for some Insurance Companies that offer training courses for people who wants to become a Financial Advisor and so far, what is popular now is the courses that Sunlife Philippines has.

Based on my research, there are 5 steps when it comes to their screening for Adviser wannabes. 

There are series of interviews for them to get you know better. Think that as if you are undergoing your job application in the past. Quite easy stage.

Next to it is profiling test so they can determine your personality and label you according to the best approach you can do when it comes to talking to your clients. This is an interesting part because you can also know yourself from within.

After the knowing yourself better, basic training will follow. From here, you should know things about Sunlife Financial like concepts, theories of insurance, ethical standards and product discussions. It is like going back to school all over again. Pretty interesting!

Passing the basic training is good sign that you are almost there. After weeks of learning new stuff about the product, you will then undergo regulatory licensing to make sure that you are 100% ready when you finish the training and started working for the company. This is the initiation.

Finally, contracting is the stage where you will sign some legal documents. This is where your job starts as a Sunlife Financial Advisor!

If you want to become a Licensed Financial Adviser for Sunlife Philippines or you have questions about the training in general, feel free to contact me at I can also refer you for some tips!
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