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2016 SMART POWERAPP BUG for Unlimited Internet Access?

For those who are not familiar with POWERAPP, it is an app-based mobile store which offers affordable mobile internet packages with a lot of cool features like unlimited mobile internet access with no MB or data cap, no hidden charges, also has speed boost alert and perfect for Android and iOS users. Detailed info about this on SMART's official website.

You can get your very own POWERAPP by going to your phone's designated app store and search for POWERAPP. For more details about it, you can always text POWERAPP to 5555.

I have read online about this trend for POWERAPP BUG that allows its subscribers to use the internet without any limit because you know how it works here in the Philippines. People are paying for an unlimited internet access but TELCO's are implementing this Fair Use Policy or FUP that limits their subscribers after reaching the allocated data MB.

Based on what I have read, the bug works by registering yourself to any of the app's promo but the network will be deceived that you are already registered to it giving you the full access to the web. I tried it for the first time but it did not work for me. You can read the full thread here.
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