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UBT: 2016 Bug for Globe, Smart and Sun Users for Unlimited Internet Access

We are approaching 2016 really fast so it's the time of the year where everyone is searching for some updates with regards to their internet access. This is applicable for Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular subscribers and I am sure that these telco's will make sure to check their system to avoid people bypassing their network and promos as well.

In this post, I will give you some updates regarding unlimited internet access using promos or if we get lucky, without paying for anything.

I am not sure if Access Point Networks or APS is still working but there are still people who are searching for fast APN for their internet setting. As a matter of fact, my blog post about it is still one of the most read posts here.

As of today, there are users who can do the simple sim trick where they bypass the data limit of their internet promo but this is very rare! Maybe 1 out of 10 users can do this; very lucky man as they say. I also heard that there are Virtual Private Networks or VPN that are working up until now.

Let us wait until 2016 maybe we can get some fresh ideas in bypassing our connection. Do not forget to bookmark this post for easy access. Cheers everyone!
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