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#RIPMMFF Maine Mendoza Getting Negative Feedback Sparks Twitter War

I must admit that I am not a fan of the Metro Manila Film Fest because the last time I watched it, I was very disappointed! It was like watching a movie full of TV ads and do not ever forget the movie quality; it's like the movie was planned month before the release date and everything is just a mess. Creating movie for the sake of having a MMFF entry with the brightest of the stars because at the end of the day, MMFF is not about the quality of the movie, it is all about publicity; about the celebrities in it. I now get it.
#RIPMMFF Maine Mendoza Getting Negative Feedback Sparks Twitter War

And that is the reason why Maine Mendoza is getting negative feedback for getting the Best Supporting Actress award. She just rose high among  the other nominees like Iza Calzado, Nova Villa, Lotlot De Leon, and Kim Molina.
Because of this, ALDUB fans on twitter like @MaineAlden16, @ALDUBPILIPINAS, @officialaldub16, @aldubmaiden, @MADAMLOLANIDORA are doing their best to fight for their very own Maine aka YAYADUB, creating a massive Twitter War. Grab your popcorn guys!

You can follow the Twitter war by searching the hashtag #RIPMMFF

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