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Free Internet Promo Technique That Allows You To Play Online Games

I love playing online games especially those that are Role Playing Games or RPG as it allows users to interact with different people from all over the world. It creates this bond that only gamer can understand. Some built stronger level of friendship outside the virtual world and some literally got married virtually.

Free Internet Promo Technique That Allows You To Play Online Games

The problem here in the Philippines is that internet users can only get limited amount of internet per month because of our top telco's Fair Use Policy or FUP. It means that if they use higher amount of internet in a daily basis, their internet connection will be capped or slower than usual that browsing google's website can take a few minutes. 

For Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular users, using their cheap and unreliable service can be a hassle for gamer. The fact that loading an online game can take lots of time and data, that can cause data capping within less than a day.

Although there are ways on how to get a free internet connection using promos like SUPERSURF50 and BBMAX, this method is not enough for you to play online games or even Clash of Clans or COC.

I am also receiving a lot of questions with regards to this so this 2016, I will be searching some techniques on how to play online games with free internet connection and I am not talking about using a Wifi at home. Well, that is one of the options but I am not going to include that here.

I heard that there are Access Point Networks or premium APN works perfectly fine for online games but I still need to test the water. 

I will let you know once I find a working technique but if you already have one, please do share it with us using the comment box or you can also contact me on my gmail account. 
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