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Top 5 Places/ Websites To Buy Quality Hoverboard in the Philippines

Hoverboard is one of the top items that people are buying as a gift this past Christmas and of course this coming New Year. The unique idea if balancing and moving from one place to another by just standing in an object is quite fascinating. The day I saw someone using a hoverboard or I must say, hovertrax, I fell in love with it. Despite it's price in the market, people are still willing to buy one.

Places To Buy Quality Hoverboard in the Philippines

So for this blog entry, I will be featuring some websites where you can buy hoverboard; from the cheapest, affordable, pricey with high-quality to what's trending. This is related to my previous gift guide entry for the most affordable and safest hoverboard in the market.
If you will notice, all items that I featured on my previous post are from LAZADA because I find it convenient to find hundreds of hoverboards. It's like one stop shop for hoverboard lovers. Prices are ranging for as low as 8,000 to 40,000 pesos. And did I say they offer free shipping?

One of the trusted website to buy a hoverboard. Hands up with regards to its quality because it is Segway!

If you are looking for the cheapest and the most affordable hovertrax, this is the place! But when we talk about the quality and safety of the device, I am not sure about.

I saw their website online however they only have limited stocks unlike Lazada. Prices are from 10,000 to 15,000 pesos.

This seller is quite promising! I have been seeing a lot of my friends from Facebook sharing one of his posts about hoverboard and I think this guys already sells a tons of it here in the Philippines. He is also having this hoverboard giveaways for his followers on FB so this is worth trying.

So there you go guys, if you are still looking for a place where you can buy the perfect hoverboard/ hovertrax for your or your loved ones, feel free to browse the websites I just mentioned above. 

This blog post will be updated regularly so if you know a trusted seller or even a place in the market where you can buy a hover physically, please do contact me so I can include them on the list. You can send me an email at Thank you very much!

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