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Andrea Brillantes Scandal: Trending Video of 2015

If you all know, I am a fan of doing some blog traffic experiments in my blogs and most of the time, it works pretty well. It has been 6 years since I started blogging and am really thankful to those who helped me a lot about blogging in general and of course, attracting massive amount of traffic all year round. 

This time, my project is all about a minor child actress from the Philippines, Andrea Brillantes. I am calling this entry; The Andrea Brillantes Scandal of 2015. It is not about the scandal in general that I am sure you are looking forward to see in this post.

I was not able to follow this trend because during the time when this became famous on all social media, I was on a blogging vacation. A period for most bloggers who just don't care about everything. 

Andrea Brillantes Scandal is one of the top and most searched keyword in Google for the year 2015 and of course, it is the reason why I am making this project. 

The video garnered millions of views, likes and shares on facebook and do not forget tweets from Twitter. Thousands of websites attracted millions of page views from netizens who are looking for that talked-about video.

As of today, there are 426,000 websites that featured the same topic and it is still possible to be on the top page of search engines with the help of all my knowledge in search engine optimization.

I am not going to post the video here because that is prohibited by the law and I respect the privacy of the person in the video whether it is Andrea or anyone else.

Image source: PinoyTrending
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