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Stylish Boots for Men This Coming Rainy Season

One thing I love about the month of June is the fact that summer is about to end. It’s not that I hate summer but the unending heat is killing me! I remember when I was a kid, I used to love summer because it always means school break, out of town getaways with cousins, sleeping late at night like a bad*ss and white sand beach in our province.

But when I started working in the city, summer became a nightmare. I hate seeing my friends posting some selfies while at the beach while I am trying to focus at work earning money for a living. And yes, reality sort of sucks.

Anyway, if you were to ask me, I am pretty much excited for the rainy days because that is a great way to do some layering with my clothes without looking like a melting ice-cream in a dessert. And do not forget to wear stylish boots that actually work with heavy rains and moody ground. I saw this cool range of boots for men online and can’t stop myself from buying at least a pair.
boots for men philippines

One thing I realized when buying a pair of shoe is, NEVER buy cheap branded ones because they don’t last at all!

The last time I bought one when I was buying some stuff at Market, Market! and saw this brand called “Italianos”. I noticed how stylish their shoes are and the fact that most of the items there were on sale (800 pesos), I decided to buy one hoping that I can use it for at least 6 months. I bought it on April and started to peel the outside layer on May so basically; it did not even last for at least two freaking months. So disappointing.

So next time, I will definitely buy shoes that actually last longer compared to those that are cheap (less than 1,000 pesos) that you can only use for quite some time.

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