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ABS-CBN TV Plus E48 No Signal Error is Annoying Me!

It has been a week since I bought my very own TV Plus because here in my area, TV and internet signal are both scarcity. And I thought that having a black-box for my TV set was a good idea since I will only need to pay a one time fee of 2,500 for an unlimited HD streaming to all free local channels. But I was wrong. My 2,500 pesos for this ABS-CBN TV Plus is not worth it. Refund please!
Malinaw sobra wala ako masabi pero walang kwenta channels na available!

My TV Plus can only access 20 TV networks:
1. ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network (DUUH!)
2. SPORTS + ACTION (I dislike sports so I don't ever need this)
3. CINEMO (Movies from 80's or 90's and the hell I care about them)
4. YEY! (Very old episodes from very old animes, still watchable, brings back my childhood)
5. KNOWLEDGE CHANNEL (Definitely for kids, I know how to add, multiply, divide, subtract)
6. DZMM TELERADYO (No, but thanks.)
7. SERVICE HD (Religious stuff with bible verses 24/7)
8/9/10/11/12/13 (All religious f*$#@%^* stuff)
15. AKSYON TV (Too much bad news. Please stop with news!)
16/17/18 TV 5 (Supposedly Ch. 5 Kapatid but keep on having E48 Signal error)
19/20 GMA (Should be Ch. 7 Kapuso but has the same error)
So technically, I paid 2,500 to watch ABS-CBN and old anime episode because the rest of available channels are a joke. 2,500 pesos, really ABS-CBN Corporation?

The fact that you have included other rival networks like TV5 and GMA 7 but with this error of E48 Signal Error again and again and that E52 Searching for Signal is not working at all! WTF!

ABS-CBN. I demand you to fix this sh!t right now!
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