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Jam Sebastian Not Dead but in Critical Condition

Everyone is praying for the Youtube star, Jam Sebastian as he fight lung cancer for over a year now. There are news circulating that world wide web about Jam being dead or whatnot but the truth is, Jam is not dead but the saddest part is, he is in a critical condition.
Jam Sebastian finally woke up after sleeping for 24-hours. Maybe his body is getting a lot of stressed from the chemotherapy he is undergoing every now and then.

The touching part of the story is that, after waking up, he wrote a short message for his girlfriend, Paolinne Michelle. 

According to Mich, Jam fell asleep for 24-hours and only woke up for a couple of minutes then they saw this little piece of paper that Jam had written saying, "I LOVE YOU" with a smiling face. The handwritten is kind of hard to understand but still, A for effort. I know how hard it is to force yourself to write in that condition.

Last month, Jam Sebastian had already requested to end his life but his friends and family did not approve it. And on Valentine's day, February 14, 2015, his condition had improved and he is also continuing the chemotherapy session.

On behalf of the blog, Jam if you are reading this, get well soon, alright? 
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