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How to Make a Time Machine Using an XBOX 360 Like in Project Almanac?

So, I just watched the movie Project Almanac and it was great! It is a story of five people within their group who messed up the past that affects the future, people, happenings, events; a ripple effect! The concept of making a time machine and correcting bad happenings in their lives when they were still young is so cool and also winning the lottery twice is the coolest thing ever! 

And after watching the movie, I asked myself. Is it possible to make a working time machine now or in the near future? I mean, there is a possibility. Right? With technology that is fast evolving, it could be possible. Or what it, it had been invented already but was kept in secret for safety reasons just like what happened in the movie?

But using an XBOX 360 in building a time machine? I don't know about that. lol!

Since I cannot find any helpful articles on how to build a working time machine that can bend the vortex, space and time, let us first build a time capsule. The simplest way in looking way past behind. 

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