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Fast APN Settings for Globe & Smart To Use for Faster Game Experience

For now, I am using both of my GLOBE and SMART LTE sim cards and they work differently because there are specific locations where Globe LTE is faster compared to my Smart LTE prepaid; vice versa and now, I am currently playing some online games using my laptop; just started Clash of Clans on my PC for better screen resolution but whenever I use any of my LTE sim cards, the game tends to load so slow and that is sort of testing my patience.
If you can still remember, I have posted some fast APN settings for the top ISP's in the Philippines such as Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular but I think the effect of these APN settings still depends on your location and the number of people who are also using the same service as yours but this is just my speculations and it might not be true.

So now I am kind of wondering if there are APN settings or configurations I can use for gaming purposes. I understand that online games such as Clash of Clans takes a lot of time to load even on smartphones that are connected to wifi, depending in your server but still, I am crossing my fingers for this.

I will definitely let you know once I have found something.
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