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Because Smart Prepaid LTE Is Also Slow In Pembo Makati!

In my previous blog entry, I mentioned that I have bought a Smart prepaid LTE sim card that I will be using on my smartphone hoping that is is faster than my Globe LTE sim. My place is in Pembo Makati, near Market Market and SM Aura so I thought that internet connection was faster here since it is like the center of the city. But I was wrong.

I cannot even update my blog in a daily basis and most of the time, I am being disconnected even on Facebook Messenger! How was that?

I also tried changing the default APN settings on my device but still, internet is slow as a turtle... No, turtle is still faster!

I have not tried Sun Cellular yet but I am not sure if that is better compared to the other two ISP's I have tried so far.

So for now, I only have one choice and it is final. I will be opening an account on PLDT MyDSL since of all the ISP's I have tried in the past, this is really stable, unlimited and therefore trusted. I only have one problem because I have heard that it is kind of hard to open an account with PLDT since I just quit my job and will start a new one this coming March. Not sure if they will grant my application if I am still a probationary employee.

Do you know any alternatives? Any tips on how to make our internet faster? Please do comment below. 
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