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Albay Gov. Joey Salceda VS Xian Lim. Xian Reacted on Gov's Rant About Him on Facebook

It is kind of unusual to see a Governor or any other staff in the Government ranting about a local celebrity but this just happened after Gov. Joey Salceda from Albay posted a shocking rant about kapamilya's star, Xian Lim.
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According to Salceda, "Xian Lim says in my face (Atty Carol) while handing the coffee table book in front of many - 'I'm not here to promote albay'." If his road manager checks his record, Albay paid for his many guestings since way back 2011 when his talent fee was just P75.000 (Ginoo ni Magayon) and now P350,000 for Fiesta Tsinoy Albay. Its either 1. His parents did not raise him well. 2. He had bad education. 3. He is not managed well. 4. His character is inversely proportional to his looks. 5. He is on something.". He posted it on his very own Facebook wall that can be seen by thousands of his subordinates from Albay.

Clearly, it is shocking because recently, the said Governor also posted a rant about the couple, Jadine. He disliked them and also compared the said couple to KathNiel that he loves the most.

Going back, Salceda also mentioned that Albay did not pay Xian 350,000 pesos just for him to make them feel bad.

After reading the post from different social media, Xian Lim reacted about it and also to stop this madness.

According to Xian, he did not wear the T-Shirt from Albay's Governor because it will/might be a conflict with his latest shirt endorsement which is MINT (maybe the shirt has different brand such as Blue Corner or Bench etc). And also, he did not and would never say, "I am not here to promote Albay".

But again, we will never know. Given the fact that the Governor has issue with regards to the previous celebrities who also visited Albay, maybe it clearly shows that he will only accept wholeheartedly the KathNiel couple. lol [source]
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