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Smart Promo: Unli Surf 999, Is It Subjective to Fair Usage Policy or FUP?

While looking for an alternative for my prepaid internet subscription by next month, I saw this promo from Smart called, Unli Surf 999. According to the plan description, you get 30 days of unlimited mobile surfing with the new Smart Unli Surf 999 for only Php 999 pesos

You can register by texting, UNLI 999 to 211.

My problem is I am not sure if this plan is subjective to Fair Usage Policy like Globe Telecom's SUPERSURF999 that advertises unlimited internet for 30 days which is in fact, not true. It has a limit of 1GB per day (in my case 800MB) or 3GB per month, whichever comes first.

Smart also offers Always On 995 that has a limit of 5GB for a month but I am not sure why do they have to do this. In just a matter of 5 pesos, of course consumers will go for Unli Surf 999 since it has this what they call unlimited internet access.

I will do some further research about this promo and I will definitely let you guys know. Thinking about this makes me want to switch over already.
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