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Globe SUPERSURF999 Series: Accidentally Bypassed Its 3GB Data Limit (FUP)

That is correct. I have accidentally bypassed my 3GB monthly data limit on my SUPERSURF999 subscription. First of all, I decided to make a series of blog post with regards to my experiences with Globe's internet subscription since I always have something to say about its interesting and deceiving policy that should never exist.

Quick recap, SUPERSURF999 allows its users to browse the internet for one whole month but wait, there is more. It is unlimited BUT there is a limit. It is 800MB everyday and 3GB for a month whichever comes first. If you have reached your limit, your signal will be lowered down to 2G so loading pages from different websites or even gooogle will be ultra mega super slow. That is what they call, Fair Usage Policy. FU, Globe Telco!

The thing is, I do not know what I have done or I must say, I am not doing anything to bypass my data limit. I have been waiting for it to happen so I can stop my SUPERSURF subscription and switch over to Smart's Unli Surf 999 promo.

As of right now, I am using more than 3GB since the day I registered to the promo. Maybe the thing that I do not do is downloading large files such as my fave TV series or even watching YouTube videos. By just doing normal browsing, I am only using 400MB - 500MB everyday. 

I am still observing my internet status since I will be connected to our house's WiFi for the next couple of days. So for now, using my WiFi, I will download a lot! Thanks to Globe Telco for depriving me a good internet service.
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