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Globe Internet Connection Is Too Slow In Pembo Makati

Sorry for the lack of update guys because I am still busy sorting things out since I just moved into a new place somewhere in BGC. The place is nice, my pad is just okay for myself since I rarely have a visitor.

I have rented this lovely pad at Pembo, Makati which is near SM Aura and Market! Market. Very accessible and secured as well.

Aside from sorting things out, I am slowly exploring the area. Yesterday, I saw a gym where I can workout and good thing is, it is way way cheaper compared to my recent gym, Reaxion Fitness Center in Dimasalang.

But I have one big problem. My Globe internet is very slow I cannot even open Google! I tweaked the settings already (made it WCDMA only) but it is not effective at all. Though I have an HSDPA signal, Facebook Messenger sometimes can't connect and also, online games are also having a hard time connecting to the server! 

Right now, I am connected with my Aunt's Smart Buddy sim card plugged into my old broadband. I hope I can publish this blog after writing this because to be honest, I am seeing this annoying pop-up from Blogger saying, An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. 

Planning of getting my PLDT connection really soon.

UPDATE: Smart Buddy seems to work really good. I can now open several tabs and load up photos. Amazing! But I am back with the basic problem of a broadband user, when you moved your laptop, it tends to disconnect itself.
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