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Fast APN Settings for Globe, Smart and Sun

Before I make another move about my internet speed in my area now, I am trying to look for some alternatives on how I can make it a bit faster. Faster so I could update my blog often, blog hop and check my email in an hourly basis. 

Btw, I am using my Globe LTE sim card being tethered from my phone. Also, I am back usingmy Smart Buddy sim for my broadband since I can hardly connect to my hotspot. Too bad, I know.

My next move will be opening an account to PLDT MyDSL and avail their 1299 plan. It is a bit expensive but worth it in the end since I am sure it is really reliable based on my past experiences under their service. And no fair use policy or FUP as well.

I have read a forum about using fast APN settings so internet connection will be faster. But I am not sure if this is still working or not.

These are the default APN settings for Globe, Smart and Sun if you may ask,

APN Settings for Globe
Postpaid APN:
Prepaid APN:

APN Settings for Smart Bro
Postpaid APN: smartbro
Prepaid APN: smartbro

APN Settings for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold
APN: internet

APN Settings for Sun Cellular
APN (static): minternet
Authentication: PAP
IP address: dynamic

APN (static): fbband or minternet
Authentication: PAP
IP address: dynamic

APN Settings for PLDT WeRoam
Postpaid: WEROAMPLAN or internet

I don't have any idea on what to put for the APN setting on my internet and also, I saw some magic IP addresses available but I am not sure what is that for. If you have any knowledge about them, please do leave me a comment.
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