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Zalora Philippines Brand Ambassador Program

zalora philippines, brand ambassador
Today, I was invited by Zalora Philippines to be one of their brand ambassadors after purchasing some of their items this year. It is like they are giving me a chance to earn while actually shopping online and at the same time, letting everyone know about their business and persuading them to become a customer as well.

So, as a brand ambassador, they have provided me a unique code that I can give to everyone who wants to buy something from Zalora and in return, that code will give them 15 percent discount! Cool right?

If you are new to this thing, you can start off with Zalora as I have tested them already and they immediately ship the item as soon as they can. With their cash-on-delivery program, your payment is safe since the transaction is not made online, you can actually pay the item once it was delivered in your doorstep! It is like shop now, pay later scheme.

You can use my special code: ZBAPQ2O0 and get that 15 percent discount! This is only applicable for first time customers though. 

This is a commission based program so if you use my special code, you also help me earn a little bit so it is indeed a win-win situation. You get a discount, while I earn extra. So what are you waiting for? Shop now!
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