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SUPERSURF999 Data Limit: 800MB a Day or 3GB a Month?

Since PLDT has some billing issues, I have decided to cancel my myDSL account early in October and thought of not trying any postpaid plans when it comes to my internet connection because I have tried all of them already; SmartBro Wimax, Globe, Sun Broadband, PLDT and even the worse of them, WiTribe.

As you can see, I have been trying to survive my blogging hobby by means of using my mobile hotspot. Thanks to Globe's prepaid internet promos like SUPERSURF

What I don't like is this Fair Use Policy with their unlimited promo because they are limiting their supposedly "limitless" service. Well, I don't have a problem with the signal or their internet speed but the fact that these promos such as SUPERSURF offer "unlimited internet", seems to be also a limited one. SUPERSURF200 for example has a data limit of 800 MB per day

Where is your honesty and credibility, Globe Telecommunications?

So here is the deal. I have been using SUPERSURF200 for quite some time now that offers unlimited internet for five days. But wait, there is more. It has a data limit of 800 MB per day so technically, 800 MB x 5 days = 4000 MB. 1000 MB = 1 GB so all in all, we have 4GB in this promo. I think that is enough for me to update my blogs with heavy photos, check my email, social networking sites but limited to browsing videos. I am only human so I watch TV series online but 4GB is not enough for that internet activity. 

Yesterday, I decided to switch to SUPERSURF999 for one month of unlimited internet access. I thought it was cheaper and practical thing to do since I need to be connected to the internet 24/7/.

But according to some articles online, this promo only has 3GB of data allotment every month! Aside from its 800MB data limit per day, if you reached 3GB even if you are on your 10th day, your internet speed will be downgraded to 2G, that will only allow you to check your Facebook profile, browse on google for 3 minutes per search depending on your location of course.

I mean, what the hell is this? I am not yet sure if my conclusion is correct. I will observe my SUPERSURF enrollment since today is my second day and so far, I am using 0.93GB already. Let us see what will happen if I reach 3 GB which is I think possible on my 10th day.

If they will downgrade my internet speed by that time, I will definitely switch over to other service providers! 

How about you? Have you already tried SUPERSURF999? What is your observation with their data limit? Is it 800 MB and will just refresh every 12 midnight? Or 3GB per month that will affect your internet speed if you reached 3GB in a month? Feel free to share your experiences.
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