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My Honest Review about the Movie Praybeyt Benjamin 2

As what I have said in my previous entry, this was the first time that I have tried watching a film during MMFF; not just a single film but two! I have seen Praybeyt Benjamin 2 and Feng Shui 2. To tell you honestly, I a do not have any plans in watching this film on the big screen but my sister who is a huge fan of Vice Ganda dragged me with her.
praybeyt benjamin 2, movie review
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I must admit that the first part of Praybeyt Benjamin was hilarious! I admit Vice's punch lines during the films left me laughing so hard. Most jokes were corny but I think that is fine.
This time, they dared making a second installment with new set of characters unfortunately, it is quite disappointing.

Vice's jokes in this film were not funny anymore. Most of the scenes were boring even my sister who laughed hard on the first installment of the film was also upset about this one.

Praybeyt Benjamin FAQ:
Is it funny-funny?
Definitely not. Go watch Gandang Gabi Vice, it's more entertaining than this movie.

Is it worth the penny?
Tbh, no it's not. Maybe you can wait for its DVD copy in the next few months and buy what you need in the meantime. Sorry Vice.

Are you going to watch it again?
Hmmmm. NO. I have watched Praybeyt Benjamin (the first part) for three times but this time, no. Not again.


So how about you? What can you say about Praybeyt Benjamin 2? Did you like it? Share us your very own movie review on the text box down below.
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