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Officially Unemployed!

Yesterday, December 8, 2014, Monday was the day I officially left my job for good. It is really a tough decision knowing that I am leaving some great people in there and the fact that I am almost there in leveling up and going up the corporate ladder.

So today, I am free to do things that I want to do or sleep whenever I want to without thinking of a lot of things; it is like for the first time after two years, I feel so free. The freedom that I have until end of January is very overwhelming and to think of my vacation with my relatives; Christmas and New Year is thrilling me!

I will go back to work before February of 2015 and I have open doors for opportunities online and currently looking for some virtual assistant posts for newbies like me who do not have any experiences in this kind of job.

I will focus with my family for the rest of my vacation but of course, will continue to update you guys here in this blog since it is somehow giving me revenue. Stay updated! 
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